Pub. 12 2022 Issue 4

By Steven Killian, Arizona Bankers Association & Jay Kaprosy, Veridus

The quickly changing political landscape has brought about great new risks to employers and the banking industry. Both political parties are pushing back against corporate entities, advancing legislation, and policy based on the day’s latest angry tweet storm or outlandish conspiracy theories. Bearing that in mind, it is critical that the banking industry doubles down on its efforts to be a leading advocate and proactive educator in this current political climate.

By Rob Nichols, CEO & President, American Bankers Association

There’s a saying that “everything old is new again,” and that’s certainly an adage you can bank on in Washington, D.C. – especially when it comes to poor public policy proposals.

By Rob Blackwell, Chief Content Officer, IntraFi
By The Arizona Bankers Association
By Terri Luttrell, Compliance & Engagement Director, Abrigo

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